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Herbalance Mush

Increases resisting, concentrating abilities.
17,01 €              24,45 $

Herbalance Mush

Product description

With honey apple meat
Dr. FÜLEKI Mária observed that mush helps roborate the body and if nutrition does not cover the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals then the mush’s transfer material, the apple meat is excellent to substitute them for it is rich in fiber and vitamins and has a beneficial effect on the cholesterol level.

Her recommendation for consumption: can be consumed any time but most effective if taken one coffee spoon one hour before a meal.
Increases resisting, concentrating abilities, which is especially sensible in case of elderly people and school age children.



Apple meat: Completely cleans the guts of contamination, uniquely helps inflamed guts and any type of diarrhea. Removes bacteria along with toxins. The apple’s acid content works as antiseptic. Makes resistant to illnesses. Its phosphor content is also high which along with vitamin C may have a beneficial effect on the activities of the brain.

Honey: Honey is an excellent source of vitamins and is also rich in minerals. Contains vitamins, organic acids, volatile oils, and important enzymes. There are also fruit sugar, glucose, 8-10 types of carbohydrates, amino acids, protein and other bioactive materials to be found in it. It also has a significant mineral content.

Pollen: It is an important source of protein as it contains all, almost 20 vital amino acids of all amino acids of 22. Its high level of minerals makes it have a strengthening and roborating effect.

Bee mush: Improves pep and biological performance. Reduces physical and intellectual exhaustion. Bee mush has a local and a general strengthening effect thanks to its hormone agents, minerals, and vitamins.

Ginseng root: Strengthens the immune system and is antiviral. Stimulates the production of interferon, reduces the level of cholesterol, enhances the functioning of endocrine glandules (adrenal glend, sex glandule).
Improves intellectual freshness and physical performance. Roborating and helps the cells’ input of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat.

“According to the oldest Chinese herbarium, attributed to Shevug Norg: ‘The root strengthens the five complete organs (heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys, liver), calms the living force, creates harmony in the spirit, puts out fear, dispels evil spirits, makes the eyes bright, raises mood, lightens thought, and if consumed over a longer period of time it strengthens the body and makes life longer.’” (translated from H. Mészáros Erzsébet: Termeszthető gyógynövények)

Vitamin premix: The lack of vitamins lead to different illnesses. Vitamins regulate life processes.


Consulted literature:
- H. Mészáros Erzsébet: Termeszthető gyógynövények – AB-ART Kiadó
- Csamangó István, Dr. Greskó Marianna, Jójárt Sándorné, Juhász Sándor, Mészáros Edina, Szabó Csaba,
  Szekeres Sándor, Todorov Radiszlavné, Tóth Gabriella: Bioterápia kézikönyv – Lectum, Szeged, 2003
- Csűrös László: Gyógynövények mint természetes gyógyanyagok – Tudományos Könyvkiadó, Bp. – 1990
- Bokor Katalin: Táplálékod legyen gyógyítód! – Győr Megyei Lapkiadó Vállalat – 1989.

Content: 220 g
  Price: 17
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