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Herbanet Summer Tea

The consumption of the tea helps to dissolve and remove the harmful materials taken into the body.
13,50 €               19,41 $

Product description » Medical articles »
Herbanet Summer Tea
  Price: 13.5 € Add to cart Add to cart »  

Herbalance Magneto Balancer

It treats the two most important systems of the body: the blood and the lymph.
23,02 €              33,09 $

Product description » Medical articles »
Herbalance Magneto Balancer
  Price: 23 € Add to cart Add to cart »  

Green+ Kombucha

Improves the condition of the digestive system and facilitates the absorption of any other nutrition.
9,25 €              13,30 $

Product description » Medical articles »
Green+ Kombucha
  Price: 9.2 € Add to cart Add to cart »  

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