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Dear Customer


Our security information is for those who are not yet entirely comfortable with the Internet. We would like to help you to shop safe in our webmall. So we collected a few pieces of advice and the necessary terms.


We advise you

To use anti-virus softwares and firewall softwares to protect your computer.

To regularly install the original service packs of your browser and operation system, and the updates of the anti-virus programme.

To choose a secure password: it should be at least 6 characters long and it should contain letters, numbers and other characters.

Not to reveal your password to anybody else. Anyone who knows your password might act on your behalf without you knowing it.

Not to use the same password in different systems.

To make sure that a website is protected by SSL encryption when you send confidential data (password, card data) through a website.

To always log out after browsing when you use the Internet at a public place e.g. Internet café, library, etc. or when you use a public network (e.g. hotspot).


Internet scams

Some criminals take advantage of customers of companies with high reputation. These criminals try to trick the customers into providing information by deceiving the customers or by using electronic instruments. They try to deceive their victims using e-mail, phone or by copying the websites of the companies.

When you are not sure that you received a genuine phone call or an e-mail from Herbalance, please visit our webmall and contact our customer service.

The staff of Herbalance Kft. shall never ask you, neither on phone nor via e-mail, to give them your password or card information. Should you get such a phone call or e-mail, please contact us.


Automatic login

Herbalance webmall provides you the option of automatic login. This option is available when using cookies. You should use this option only when working on your own computer. When using a public terminal (e.g. an Internet café), block cookies.


What is SSL?

We use SSL technology so that information can travel safely between your computer and our Webmall.

In order to use SSL a certificate issued by an organisation of “good reputation” is necessary. It enables the visitor to check the operator of the website.

Browser softwares show it when you are accessing a site via SSL connection, and they allow you to check the certificate. Internet Explorer displays a small lock and you can view the certificate by clicking on the lock.

SSL creates a secure channel between your browser and the Web provider by transferring data encrypted.


Would you like some cookies?

Cookie is alphanumerical identification sent by the web provider during browsing. It is stored on the hard disk of the browser computer.

Browsers allow you to block cookies but that makes you unable to use certain services in our webmall.

Cookies allow you to keep the contents of your shopping cart, to log in automatically, to place your order in several steps, etc.

We suggest you not to block cookies in your browser.

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