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It’s the flu again! Home »

What can we do to stay out of it?

Of course, there's no guarantee. Even vaccines don’t guarantee anything. Also, not all cases of respiratory illnesses, diarrhea, and vomiting are caused by viral infection. Even in the case of viral origin, the symptoms don't arise in the same form in different people. The manifestation of the illness is greatly influenced by the patient’s primary illness.

What can be done if we receive news that a virus is approaching our close environment?
First of all, avoid those places and people that may infect you, in addition to taking extra care of your personal hygiene, washing hands, the use of handkerchiefs or tissues.

The next thing I would like to call your attention to is that even a virus is only capable of multiplying if all necessary conditions are given. We do know that if we plant a seed, it will only grow, develop, and reproduce if the “soil” and other conditions are given. I.e. if the virus can’t get into the cells of an organism and can’t construct its own material, it cannot multiply and thus cannot infect. This is an old truth. Therefore we must have our body, the “soil” in a condition that prevents viruses from multiplying.

How can we achieve this?
We must get our body’s resisting ability to a condition that it will be able to prevent the multiplication of viruses that might intrude into the body. Our body only works fine if we avoid external harm (crowded, airless rooms, electro smog, air pollution, other toxic and waste materials, stress) and provide the body its essential nutrition (vitamins, trace elements, fibers, unsaturated fatty acid).

Of course it’s not possible to totally avoid external harm. This is why the detoxification of our body is of such a great importance which necessitates the input of a required quantity of healthy liquids.  / Tea, kombucha, patches/. We can’t avoid stress either but with a change of attitude, rest, and sleep, we can reduce its effects. /Kombucha, Heiwa, magnet, Prince, kurkuma with celery/. Frequent exercise detoxifies and helps getting a goodnight sleep. Above the age of 40, the Q 10 coenzyme helps maintaining stamina and health but can be used by younger generations to overcome chronic illnesses.

If we do observe the symptoms on ourselves, the most important thing to do is to increase the input of liquids. If possible, these liquids should be warm, for the heating of the same takes the energy away from the already weakened body. Increase the daily Kombucha quantity. Consume big quantities of Mush. Kurkuma gets a great role by its inflammation decreasing, antiseptic, antifebrile, and liver protecting effects. If you consume it frequently, increase the input, if you have not consumed it yet, start its consumption. Frequent consumers should change to pure kurkuma, while those who have not consumed kurkuma yet, should choose kurkuma with ginger or with celery or parsley if diuretic effects are needed too.
The taking of the essential nutritional supplements are recommended in the morning if the viral infection causes vomiting and diarrhea too. It’s better to prepare for the consequences of diarrhea (complaints of hemorrhoids, inflammations around the rectum) which can be relieved by balsam and patches. In case of upper respiratory complaints the syrup and balsam might get a significant role.
Besides consuming the products, it is important to keep a constant bed temperature and to have rest. Eat small amounts on more occasions, easily digestible meals if possible. In case of diarrhea and vomiting avoid the input of proteins for a couple days, increase the input of minerals, and avoid dehydration at all costs.

We might get infected even with frequent consumption of the products but the illness will not hit us as hard and will not take as much time. This is, however, an indication of our body that change is inevitable, we are to choose from the green and the kurkuma products, and we should review our daily nutrition. An illness means a lack of balance between external effects and the resisting ability of our body. I. e. the virus in itself is not enough to cause an illness; a weakened immune system is also required. What we can do for ourselves is that we strengthen our immune system for we are the ones responsible for it.

Let us reduces the chances of an illness, for by strengthening our immune systems we not only fight illnesses of viral origin with great success but other illnesses as well.
A good health to all.


Dr. FÜLEKI Mária
Lung Therapeutist and Radiologist Medical Officer
Pápa, Hungary

The above article was written in Hungarian; this English version is a translation. The governing language; however, is Hungarian.

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