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Each and every one of us is a different individual; therefore it is not possible to set up patterns that work for everyone. However, for a better understanding I wish to provide a starting point in this mass of knowledge. I intend to help those who meet the possibility Herbalance has to offer for the first time.

Those interested in the possibility Herbalance holds were grasped by either its business philosophy or shared experiences regarding the products. However, I must say that without keeping yourself to certain arrangements neither side will work. This business can only be a successful one if you are a consumer of the products.

When one hears fully detailed information about these products for the first time, it is not easy to find one’s way in the mass of knowledge, what’s more, there is plenty to read and hear about the detoxification of the body, „cleansing cures”, and vitamin compensation from other sources as well.

In today’s environment with average lifestyle it is especially important for everyone to facilitate the discharge of toxins from their bodies and to compensate anything lacking. The family of Herbalance products does meet these requirements.

Of course a certain change of lifestyle is required as well which is not too hard to accept provided that we do feel a little bit of responsibility towards ourselves and our health. We have to accept that we are responsible for our own, our family’s and especially our children’s health. This is the first step we have to take, this is what we have to perceive.


What is recommended to start with?

The consumers decide on one or more of the products based on the received information. Of course if you like, we are happy to make recommendations. Our recommendation depends on whether you are free of any complaints or you are looking for a resolution on a complaint. In case of a complaint, besides consuming the products, everyone should see their doctor.

To start with, I would recommend the drinking of the teas. Unfortunately the required quantity of healthy liquids is hardly ever consumed. With the regular consumption of teas it is easy to achieve the healthy level of liquid input. This means a change of lifestyle in itself because the conscious consumption of liquids will be integrated into the daily routine and thus improves the circulation, the digestion, the kidney functions which result in a better general feeling. With the input of plentiful liquids secretion, the excretion of waste and of the unnecessary liquids between the tissues start as well. As a result we might loose a couple pounds of bodyweight but these teas are not slimming ones.

I recommend the consumption of  Kombucha with the teas which also helps the liver with its detoxifying function. There is a lot of information to be found on the effects of kombucha.

The magnet has beneficial effects on its own but when used together with the above mentioned products, they enhance their effectiveness. The use of the magnet must be regular though to be able to achieve the desired effect.

Those who haven’t taken 2-3 liters of fluids per day before, haven't done detoxification in their life will realize a significantly greater change on themselves than those who have already taken a few steps to preserve their health. Of course these beneficial effects will not come overnight. It’s even possible that mild complaints arise or the already existing ones become greater. That’s something that comes with detoxification, for the toxins that are deposited in the tissues enter the circulation first and after being secreted they are excreted with urine, excreta, and sweat.

What is there to feel exactly? What should the consumers observe on themselves? The aggregate effect of the three mentioned products itself increases the quantity of discharged urine which becomes lighter, thinner, and will have less odor, changes excretion, after about two or three weeks changes the character of skin, which becomes smoother and nicer to touch, makes the hair and nails grow faster, changes the odor of the sweat, allows for better sleeping, enhances stamina and the fitness to work, and makes us more enduring towards the negative effects coming from our environment. After longer and regular consumption one will be less susceptible to illnesses, and joint complaints will be reduced.

All that happens is that we provide better conditions for our body to function; this results in a better general feeling. Many have just said: I don’t know what changed but now it’s much better, much easier, totally different.

To fully benefit from the effects of the other products, the consumption of plentiful liquids is essential. Consuming kurkuma with a lack of liquid input may result complaints due to the suddenly increased quantity of excreta in the circulation. The patch will only have reduced effects without the input of liquids. The greens will be less efficiently made use of. It’s best to start with the teas as the consumption of liquids will become a part of our daily routine, thus the other products will affect with better results.

I recommend everyone to take the fist step towards a conscious preservation of health and take greater responsibility regarding their own and their families’ health. Let’s start the New Year in this spirit. This will let you Have a Happier New Year.


Dr. FÜLEKI Mária
Lung Therapeutist and Radiologist Medical Officer
Pápa, Hungary

The above article was written in Hungarian; this English version is a translation. The governing language; however, is Hungarian.

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