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As I promised I'm continuing the experience and scientific knowledge based descriptions of Herbalance products. I’ve known these products for two years but I have been familiarizing myself with herbs and alternative cures for almost ten years, so I have some experience. My family and my patients help me a lot in this, who wish to heal or stay healthy with more than the methods of the traditional western world.

The domestically not yet acknowledged environmental pollution is the root cause of many illnesses.

Springtime sees the start of spraying on the fields and gardens and the seemingly mostly comfortable aerial mosquitocide (not with biological weapons!) in the cities, which come with breathtaking results: respiratory allergies have tripled!

Severe allergic reactions occur in the places of insect bites, for the surviving mosquitoes condense the mosquitocide into their saliva and other discharge fluids. These insects are more aggressive as well.

Consequence: local and overall reactions in the body that come with pain, a lot of medicine and sick leave in the most cases of overall reactions (coughing, suffocation, fever).

And it’s not just the insects the breath in the chemicals but us as well. These substances are absorbed through the lungs, thus making their way into the liver through the blood. The liver should unbuild these; however, we are genetically inapt to do that.

In every industrial country the allergic disorders have tripled in the last thirty years. For years we’ve been keeping exact statistics of the number of patients: since April 3-4 times more patients have showed up than in the last 20 years! And let’s not mention my childhood when we weren't sick between spring and late autumn.

Since our attempt to fight these environmental harms failed to achieve much success, there is a need for a serious social appeal which should start with an accurate and expert-lead campaign for the masses. We all should take part in this.

Many ask me: why do we always have to take vitamins and herbals that help the liver function better. Because of the above written and the fact that fruits and vegetables have a reduced vitamin and mineral content resulting from their mass production. Animal dung and compost are used on very few fields, thus the soil is lacking minerals which fact is proven by the tastelessness of the vegetables, and what’s more, forced maturation doesn’t allow for as much vitamins to form in fruits as there were in the old days.

Green+ and Herbalance products greatly contribute to solving these problems due to their important vitamin and mineral content.

Herbalance Mush is of great use to prevent illnesses and when one is being sick.

Ingredients: apple meat, honey, anther-dust, ginseng root, royal jelly, citric acid, vitamins, saccharin, natural thickener materials (carragenate)

Apple meat: contains both solvable (pectine) and dissolvable fibers (cellulose) which facilitate digestion, the functioning of the large intestine, and the absorption of vitamins.

Honey: The healing effects of honey has been known from experiences of ancient times and nowadays is verified by the facts of science as well, for the vitamins and agents it contains help staying healthy and the agents of herbals are better absorbed in the presence of honey. 10 g of mush contains 3 g honey (diabetics should count it in their diet).

Royal jelly: the healing effects of propolis (heals wounds) are also known from experiences of ancient times. Here it facilitates the absorption of vitamins through its natural adhesive effect.

Anther-dust: The pollen found in honey (linden-tree, locust-tree) are less allergizing than those of wind pollinated plants. As a precaution though, it is not advised to consume for those who are severely allergic to pollen.

Citric acid: A compound that can be found in nature, what’s more, even in the human body. SZENT-GYÖRGYI ALBERT had a part in its discovery, it is a product of carbon-hydrate metabolism.

In the mush it prevents the fermentation of fructose.

Ginseng root (GINSENG RADIX)
It is indigenous in the far east: Japan, Korea, China, and Siberia. Recently this perennial plant is being grown in large fields. It is one of the most ancient healing plants: it’s also called „the root of life”.

Agents: Contains glycosides (substances having an effect on heart functions), ottars, panaxic acid, soap-bark, mucilage, vitamins B and C.

Effects: Contributes to circulation and heart functions. Reduces physical and mental exhaustion. Reduces the level of blood sugar (improves the cells’ blood sugar consumption), thus it facilitates growth and improves the general stamina.

Vitamins:  B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C , E , FOLICIC ACID,  BIOTINE are the most important vitamins of the carbohydrate and fat-protein metabolism. (I have described these vitamins in detail in my previous article.)

Saccharin: 10 g of Mush contains 0,2 g saccharin. Diabetics should count it in their diet.


Reiteration: Herbalance Mush is of much use to prevent illnesses and also when one is ill. Even diabetics may consume it; however, its consumption is not advised for those with severe pollen-allergy.

It's easy to digest, tastes good, and is recommended from baby age onwards.

From the age of 8-9 months to the age of 1 year: 1 coffee-spoon per day.

Between the ages of 1 and 3 years: 1-2 teaspoons per day (depending on health).

Between the ages of 3 and 6 years: 1-2 teaspoons per day.

Between the ages of 6 and 12 years: 3 times a teaspoon per day maximum.

For adults: 3 times a teaspoon per day if the illness is severe. Can be consumed beside chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Can be consumed together with other Green+ products and thus the products enhance their effects. Of course, it is true even in this case that the diet must be altered. With the consumption of more fibers and less sodium salt and proteins, these products are much better utilized.

With the above advices I wish all readers good health and a nice day.


dr MÉSZÁROS Zsuzsanna
Lecturing GP of POTE (Medical University of Pécs, Hungary)
The above article was written in Hungarian; this English version is a translation. The governing language; however, is Hungarian.

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