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Welcome! By visiting the webmall of Herbalance Kft, you dedicated some time to your health, your beauty and enhance your stadard of living. Please take some time to read a few thoughts by dr FÜLEKI Mária, m.d.:

"Herbalance helps you if you really want to change!
You can change your health conditions, your financial conditions, your way of living, your way of thinking, you can be more independent, you can boost your confidence and your self-respect.
You have the chance but it is you who have to change, because you know what you want, when and why you want it, where you want to get.
This is not your chance if you do not know the answers to these questions. It has helped me to be more open-minded, have more stable health, have more physical and mental power, and to be able to help my patients more effectively."


Herbalance Kft. was founded in 1998, as a 100% Hungarian-owned company. Herbalance Kft. sells high quality organic products grown in a chemical-free environment, produced without preservatives, and delivered with full professional help via its own network.

Our products help our customers to stay healthy and live a better quality life in the long run.

Our products

Our products include products helping to stay healthy and associated with a healthy lifestyle, teas of traditional medicine, dietary supplements, organic and beauty products.

When inventing our products we combined the newest scientific results with traditional observations often several centuries old.

Our products achieve their effect by balancing the body and helping it to be stabilised, and activating the self-regulating and defending systems.

Our products are distributed under our own brand names. The owner of these brand names is Herbalance Kft.

The products distributed by Herbalance Kft. are not considered medicines.


Our producers are Herbária Rt., Rehab Rt ., and Sunfleur Kft., Hungarian-owned enterprises.

Our products are made of tested materials, herbs grown in Hungary, using production technology of a very high standard, and using quality assurance system.

Licensed health

Our products are in accordance with the strictest quality requirements. The products are distributed with permits issued by the relevant authorities.

We are registered at the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office. License number: C/003680

Our webmall

Our webmall was realised using European Union funds in the framework of the Economic Competitiveness Operational Programme of the Ministry of Economy and Transport.

Our partners in realising and operating the webmall: GLS Hungary, Thawte Inc, CIB Bank.

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